Space Ping Pong Download

Space Ping Pong Download – Space Ping Pong is essentially Pong! with psychedelic music, weird and wonderful graphics but together with the identical addictive gameplay. You will discover two modes of gameplay – against the laptop or towards a friend although you each need to utilize the same keyboard.

Space Ping Pong Download

Space Ping Pong

Love this traditional arcade game with wonderful graphics and powerful sounds. new colorful and addictive experience. Choose one or two gamers. Play against your smartphone or tablet! Or if you would like an authentic challenge, it is possible to play towards your pals.

The has a black background of Space Ping Pong, as well as lines, are animated with colored lines. Any time you touch the ball, an animation with the number of circles will seem. It’s essential to be very thorough and rapid, along with your moves must be manufactured in the number of seconds to surprise your opponent and score an aim.

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The sounds may also be fantastic, as well as producers worked lots of graphics and sounds since the game is quite very well by this level of see. The gameplay Space Ping Pong is simple, you’ll be able to perform it by keyboard, but for your freedom, you are able to insert and play the game by a joystick.

Space Ping Pong Download


Product Title : Space Ping Pong
Product Size : 5.21 MB
Author : Time Invaders Games.
License Type : Demo

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