RetroShare Download for Windows

RetroShare Download for Windows

RetroShare Download for Windows


RetroShare Download for Windows – RetroShare is surely an open-source program application developed specifically for assisting you securely chat and share files with your good friends on the decentralized communication platform. As opposed to other peer-to-peer programs, this one particular puts a distinctive emphasis on safety and privacy by establishing encrypted connections involving authenticated close friends.

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in case you send a message to a consumer, the procedure delivers it to his node by trying to find a route by forwarding it by way of a chain of neighboring nodes. If you want a specific file, your node asks your neigbours and they in turn request it from their neigbours. All in all, RetroShare is incredibly very good option to your typical DC++ application.

Feature :

  • access to forums and channels
  • voice above IP
  • group-chat
  • numerous downloads/uploads at the same time
  • instant messaging

The software provides you with the likelihood to select decentralized chat rooms termed ‘chat lobbies.’ You will discover two forms of lobbies, public (they are advertised to pals and good friends can join the desired chat room) or personal (they are not advertised to pals; peers require invitation so that you can manage to entry it).

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RetroShare Download for Windows


Product Title: RetroShare
Product Size: 26.71 MB
Author: R-Studio Inc.
Web: RetroShare Team

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