Download WinContig Latest Version

Download WinContig Latest Version

Download WinContig


Download WinContig Latest Version – WinContig is definitely an unusual defrag tool which focuses on optimizing files and folders in lieu of whole drives. And so, whenever you launch the program, you don’t see the normal record of put in drives. Rather the program desires you to add a single or a lot more “Objects”, file or folder, which you’d like to be defragmented.

The system is smaller and comes within a ZIP file format. Which means that right after download, all you have got to try and do is extract the files to the hard drive and start defragging.

Seeing that set up just isn’t involved, you’ll be able to copy the application to any moveable gadget, such as USB flash drive and use it on every other personal computer. Furthermore, which means that the system will not update the Windows registry with new keys, or include new entries to the Start menu.

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WinContig also allows you to conserve a profile on the files and folders you desire to defragment at a later date, in a WCP format. All in all, WinContig can be an incredibly beneficial piece of program that allows you to defragment specific files, devoid of needing to apply the process to your entire HDD. Since set up is just not a prerequisite, the application is usually employed on numerous computer systems with excellent ease.

Download WinContig Latest Version


Product Title : WinContig
Product Size : 983.71 MB
Author : Marco D’Amato
License Type : Free

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