Download Stellarium APK 1.25 Latest Version

Download Stellarium APK 1.25 Latest Version – Stellarium Mobile is really a fully-featured planetarium for the cellphone. It displays a sensible night sky map in 3D, just like everything you see using the naked eye, binoculars or maybe a telescope. The senior management will also allow you to determine everything you see while in the sky in just a number of seconds, just by pointing the cell phone at it! This award-winning astronomy application is finally out there on Android featuring.

Download Stellarium APK 1.25


The graphic design and style are rudimentary at most effective, and it’s a bit difficult resulting from the substantial amount of functions and technical troubles.

Stellarium is an intriguing app to discover all in regards to the stars, planets, constellations, and aspects that run wild while in the universe. You are able to plug in your coordinates to check out every little thing that may be floating over your head.

Feature :

  • a catalog of quite a few nebulae and galaxies, with images for several of them.
  • a catalog of more than 600,000 stars displayed being a genuine time zoomable sky map.
  • artificial satellites, which includes the Global Room Station.
  • realistic Milky Way.
  • precise simulation of stars extinction, and ambiance refraction.
  • 3D rendering on the major solar process planets and their satellites.

When it comes to technical functions, the plan is fitted using an effective zoom, time control and a lot of exclusive results, this kind of as twinkling or shooting stars, cosmic events simulations, the probability to include artificial
satellites and skin-able landscapes.

Download Stellarium APK 1.25 Latest Version


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