Download DNS Angel 1.2 Latest Version

Download DNS Angel 1.2 Latest Version – DNS Angel helps you to modify the DNS server utilized to access the online world by changing the ones from the supplier with people of Norton ConnectSafe, Open DNS Relatives, or MetaCert DNS. These DNS blocks accessibility to websites that could pose a chance or be otherwise unsuitable to get a younger audience.

Download DNS Angel 1.2

DNS Angel 1.2

The program is often an uncomplicated strategy to preserve them protected by filtering out undesired information instantly, by just shifting the DNS setting. The feat is accomplished by directing the connection by way of specific domain name servers that handle a substantial level of domain names and censor pages with material inappropriate for kids. The application functions properly out of the box and there’s no have to have to install it to the method or to configure it in every other way than to enable the sought after DNS server.

This is often exactly where DNS Angel comes in and assists you defend your children’s innocence by blocking material that will be inappropriate for them. This software program is capable of immediately blocking sure internet sites, though doing work in the background. This implies it will not bother you or your youngsters when browsing the web, you won’t even know it is there and working.

Just click on the specific button as well as the application will immediately alter the DNS IPs and make internet browsing safe and sound. If you would like to revert settings to original setup just press restore button.

Download DNS Angel 1.2 Latest Version


Product Title : DNS Angel 1.2
Product Size : 438.21 KB
Author : velociraptor.
License Type : Free

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