Download Core Temp 1.0 Latest Version

Download Core Temp 1.0 Latest Version – The program can monitor the temperature of your CPU. and can also indicate the application or any software that make your work with slow CPU. You are able to see in serious time how the CPU temperature varies whenever you load your CPU. Core Temp is fully motherboard independent.

Download Core Temp 1.0

Core Temp

The best function of this Core Temp is the ability to show the heat of every with the cores with the CPU. Workloads and heat variations are beneath live update, in such a way that consumers are enabled to measure the imprint of selected applications on the processor in actual time.

You can also find the model frequencies, CPU platform ID and also the revision with a very good performance. You can also change the temp offset each core and can change or apply settings on them.

Core Temp can work with the very maximum if you know how to use him. You can optimize your settings to determine to which temperature limits are willing to accept in your PC’s CPU. You can also enable the module protection when temperature limits that you apply more.

Download Core Temp 1.0 Latest Version


Product Title : Core Temp
File Size : 1.19 MB
Author : Arthur Liberman.
License Type : Free

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